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About Robocast


Multimedia Playlist Pioneers

Multimedia Playlist Pioneers

Multimedia Playlist Pioneers

Robocast was founded in 1997 based on earlier patent filings in the field of "Automated Browsing Systems..." that describe many kinds of playlist engines, including: video playlists, music delivery, and virtual assistant playlists. Media, info and IoT commands, all playable.


Our Team

Multimedia Playlist Pioneers

Multimedia Playlist Pioneers

Damon C. Torres founded Robocast based on his inventions. Damon has gathered a team of highly experienced media professionals, software publishers, and legal experts. The team is about to grow. Subscribe to learn more.  Request a non-disclosure agreement for detailed information. 


Our Services

Multimedia Playlist Pioneers

Our Services

Our technology and methods enable users and publishers to Play The Web from site to site, app to app and more. Robocast provides licensing and technology for innovative features that future forward tech companies use to provide advanced ease-of-use solutions. 

Types of Playlist Engines & Services that Robocast Offers


Playable Search Results

Curate search results into playable presentations or just browse your favorite content effortlessly, on any subject. Easy and fun to share.

New Tech: Auto Fact-Checking services with partner sites


Playable Social Media

Interactive TV today. Why manually browse, clicking every 10 or 15 seconds when you can play those you follow? Effortlessly AutoBrowse instead, from site to site in the same playlist, at any pace.  

New Tech: Extreme Content Alerts to mitigate dangerous media.


Playable Feeds and Subscriptions

News, stocks, sports, recipes -- whatever your passion, now you can play your subscriptions including RSS, Subreddits, Tweets and much more. 

New Tech: Privacy Buffer to better shield your viewing sessions.

Just some of Robocast’s inventions

Examples of past automated browsing demos and a look at what's possible with our multimedia playlist licenses: 

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