President Obama Plans Visit to Hiroshima
President Obama Plans Visit to Hiroshima
From the RoboShow: "Obama talks to NHK about Hiroshima visit US President Barack Obama gave NHK an exclusive interview ahead of his arrival in Japan. He outlined his wish for a world without nuclear weapons and discussed the horrors of war. The US President left Washington for Vietnam on Saturday. After his visit, he will fly to Japan on Wednesday to attend the Group of Seven Summit in the Ise-Shima region. On Friday, he will travel to Hiroshima, becoming the first sitting US President to visit the atomic-bombed city. When asked about the reason why he decided to visit, Obama said that now is the appropriate time. He said, "The G7 will be hosted close to Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial. When I first visited Japan, I said that this was something that I thought I might be interested in doing. And since I only have a few months left in office, I thought it was a good time for me to reflect on the nature of war."'
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