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RoboSearch with Bing is being updated and is currently not fully functional. Robocast Social for Instagram is also undergoing revisions and is not usable at this time. Check out our wide variety of other RoboShows here.

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Table of Contents:

A)  Overview: Play The Web(R) with Robocast
B)  Playing RoboShowsSM
C)  Using RoboSearchSM to Play Search Results
D)  Using RoboFeedrSM to Play Reddit
E)  Create a RoboShowSM
F)  Edit RoboShowsSM

G)  Share RoboShowsSM

A) Overview: Play The Web with Robocast

Do you click every 15 seconds or so? We all do, and that is a rate of about 240 clicks per hour. By playing the web you are saving yourself the effort of hundreds, even thousands of clicks per day. Simultaneously, you will likely see far more content more easily by using the Robocast play controls described below. No download required. No sign-up required to just search and play RoboShows. Sign up today to share the shows you find and make.

Playing RoboShows

No download required. No sign-up required to play RoboShows. 

Simply Search and Play with RoboSearch (Top of Page), or play a RobocastSocial @Username or #Hashtag to stream (In Categories on desktop, and Menu on Mobile). Better yet, see those RoboShow Tricons (Below)? Try a curated RoboShow of links made by a Tourguide. Fresh Trending Viral Content? Try RoboFeedr Shows that refresh themselves every hour with the latest crowd-sourced or edited content. Want details? Look below: 

  1. Choose a RoboShow, which is a collection of playable bookmarks that automatically browses for you through many kinds of links, hands-free. Auto-Skim at any pace through images, web pages, videos and animations, and much more. One click can play dozens of links from site to site, both effortlessly and powerfully. 

    Trouble deciding? To see a show's Table of Contents, click on the Title. You'll see the RoboShow's Details Page which lists the links in that RoboShow. 

    Click the Play Button or anywhere inside the Tricon (See Below) to start the RoboShow. Even though the RoboShow may have been updated weeks or months ago, they can still show up-to-the-minute info since the links often point to updated content.


    RoboShow Tricon (Above) shows First, Middle and Last Thumbnails from the links in the show. Blue Ribbons are Featured, Orange Ribbons are Staff Faves. Beside the Play Button, text shows the Link Count. Below the Tricon is the RoboShow Title, above the Author Name, above the Modified Date, followed by the number of Views. 
  2. Still looking? Dig deep into a Category like News or Music to see Editors Picks, Most Recent and Most Popular RoboShows in a Category. You can Play These Three RoboShows from any category on the Homepage. From a Category, you can Play Selected or All RoboShows. 
  3. Use the RoboPlayerâ„  Controller (Below) which appears upon playing a RoboShow at top of the page. RoboPlayer is a Universal Player. Use RoboPlayer to get back to the Home page, Play/Pause, Skip Forward and Backwards in the RoboShow, Jump to Any Link, and set the Timer to adjust the speed at which the show automatically browses through the links in your RoboShow.

  4. Jumping to a specific link is easy. Press the small black triangle and the link list will drop down, allowing you to select which link you want to jump to. Or, you can enter the link page number directly into the small square which keeps track of which link is being played.
  5. Setting the play speed is easy too: click the timer button and a drop down menu appears with speed options; select one and the RoboShow speed adjusts to the selected time.

C)  Using RoboSearchâ„  to Play Search Results

  1. RoboSearch is at the top of most pages or in the Menu (Three Stacked Lines on Mobile View) shown in the upper right corner.

  2. Enter a search term into the Search Box, hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.
  3. The engine can automatically create a RoboShow for you from youe search results. Just click the PLAY SELECTED button and sit back and watch the RoboShow.

  4. Didn't find a pre-made RoboShow on your subject? Be the first to make one, it’s easy! (See "Create a RoboShow" below).

D)  Using RoboFeedrâ„  to Play Reddit

  1. You can use RoboFeedr to play your favorite Reddit feeds.
  2. It's easy - just copy and paste the link below into your browser and replace the blank with the name of any subreddit: ____
  3. Here are some of our favorites - just click to play:

E)  Create a RoboShow

Sign Up and/or Log In to start making, saving and editing RoboShows

(Please note the fastest and easiest way to create, save and share RoboShows is by saving your RoboSearch results)

To create your RoboShow from scratch:

  1. Click the Create RoboShow button and the Create a RoboShow page will appear.
  2. The left side of the page looks like this:

  3. Fill-in the fields:
    • Name: name your RoboShow
    • Category: select an appropriate category from the drop-down menu.
    • Publishing: Choose either Published or Unpublished.
      • If you select “Published”, your RoboShow will be available for anyone to view on and wherever you share it.
      • If you select “Unpublished”, anyone you provide the link to will be able to view the RoboShow, but it will not show up in search results or in category pages on
  4. Adding Links to Your RoboShow
    • There are three ways you can add links to your RoboShow using this part of the Create a RoboShow page.

    • You can use one or any combination of the following methods to add links to your RoboShow:
      • Copy & Paste – Simply paste or type website (URL) addresses into the text field (multiple addresses should be separated by a space or return) and click Add, or
      • Import Links – You can automatically import links from many document file types. Click “Choose File” to upload your file and click “Add”, allowable file formats are: .csv, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .html, .xhtml, or
      • Harvest Page Links – Type or paste a web address and click Add and Robocast will automatically collect all of the links on that page.
  5. Preview and Save Your RoboShow
    • Click “Preview” to watch your RoboShow without saving, or
    • Click “Save and Continue” to keep working on that list of links, or
    • Click "Save and Exit" to be taken to the RoboShow Details Page which serves as a Table of Contents for your RoboShow.
    • Now, after URLs are processed, which usually takes seconds, your RoboShow is available for immediate viewing.  You can proof it for pages with errors, view it yourself at anytime, or share it  through Google +, Facebook, Reddit, or Email.  You can also Embed the RoboShow into your webpage or blog.

F)  Edit a RoboShow

  1. Editing RoboShows is a lot like creating RoboShows. You can change the name, category, or publishing status of your RoboShow the same way you do when creating one. You can also add or delete links from your RoboShow.
  2. To rearrange the links in your RoboShow, just type numbers into the text boxes and click “Update Order.”  You can click the clock to change the default timing of each link.
  3. Don’t forget to click “Save” when you’re done editing!


G)  Sharing RoboShows

  1. Use the Sharing Bar that appears under the RoboPlayer Controller while a RoboShow is playing, or find the same Share Bar by clicking a RoboShow Title to see the Details Page. Sharing while a RoboShow is playing makes it so when someone clicks on what you shared, it starts playing. When you share from the Details Page, they are taken to that Table of Contents page that includes Description and Tags. 

    Enjoy! Let us know what you think by visiting our Contact Page, or commenting on a Details Page of a show, thanks.