About The Company

Robocast, founded in 1997 by CEO Damon Torres, develops revolutionary technology that empowers anyone to automatically see their favorite online content in a playlist – hundreds of links, from site to site  with as little as one command.

From 1997-2002, Robocast built 11 different products and services, based on technology described in a patent application first filed by Damon in 1996. These products included Roboguide™, a no-download-required portal of playable web content, to Robomobile™, which helped to bring full-page ads to mobile devices while adding ease-of-use with powerful playlist controls. Robocast automated websites for major publishers including Hachette-Filipacchi, American Express, and ZDNet. Robosearch™ automated search results for Infospace.

The patent application, filed in the early days of the web, recently issued as United States Patent No. 7,155,451, and Robocast is now re-launching its product line.

Robocast is also working to monetize its significant intellectual property assets through enforcement and licensing. Represented by Foley and Lardner LLP Robocast has concluded all pending patent litigation.

Robocast’s technological breakthroughs provide great value for consumers and businesses alike. Robocast enables users to see more pages, more easily and turns the act of browsing into an automated, interactive experience. Anyone can add RoboShowsSM to their online presence, capturing the attention of viewers and creating deeper engagement. It’s the easiest way to publish on the web.

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